What is Skymon

Skymon is the first live NFT in the metaverse.

They are created each with its unique traits. No matter what colors, species, or wings a Skymon is assigned to, they are all equal.

Why get a Skymon?

NFTs change how people can collect and trade assets, but we believe they can do more. Skymon are like your digital partners. They can accompany you on many adventures and create memorable achievements together in the metaverse.

Skymon Center

Skymon Center is a place for Skymon to rest, where they can find new owners, obtain some special items, and even create new species...?!

Play with your

There will be more journeys for you to start on, accompanied by Skymon,...and all records will be on the blockchain!

XR World


Click the "Get your Skymon" button above and follow the instructions provided on the next page. A random Skymon will be sent to your wallet within few minutes. You are not able to choose which Skymon will come to you. We hope every Skymon can be treated as equal.

Skymon love it. The low transaction fee on Cardano allows Skymon to be affordable for most people. We'd like the metaverse to be as inclusive as possible. You don't have to be rich to own NFTs. That's the message we want to convey.

Yes. Here is the Skymon's policy ID of Cardano: 2320a2f10e59389326509bf1227b4437e708e0d66895d92fbcb87c59

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